Thursday, April 30, 2009

So now they want to raid lol

Now that we've started jumping into the ten mans it seems like anytime we have at least 8 people they start talking about getting in a ten man. We had to let them know about the raid lockout since we had just done VoA and OS on Tuesday we have to wait until next week. So we decided to get a jumpstart on Naxx and got a little work on the Spider wing. We probably could have finished it but I was having major issues with my PC locking up on me and having to log back in. It seems like everytime there was a mass of Aoe it would just DC me, i had already lowered my settings way lower than uusual but it wasn't working so I reloaded my UI altogether. That wasn't cool. I didn't even bother resetting up my addons as we were already inside Naxx I just moved some buttons and keybinds and played mod-less. We were able to get Anub and Grand Widow even with me slowing us down. We 9 manned it as well. We really do a good job once we learn the encounters I am really looking forward to Friday to see if we can really make some progress.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good raidng (for us anyways)

Well, we have pretty much got OS with no Drakes and Archavon down to quick runs whenever we have at least 8 people on. We 9manned both encounters last night with no deaths in less than an hour, which is somewhere I never thought we would be at. Where we can just say hey lets do OS, and go do it like its just another 5man. Of course everybody else has already done that for months but I am going to enjoy it since I am able to do it with my uber-casual friends and family guild. I know the hardcore out there probably think that's just another nail in the Wotlk is to easy coffin but we actually have some pretty skilled members in our guild who would probably all be in Ulduar if they wanted to be but are sticking with us because we are all friends. I'd love to say we got a whole bunch of sweet loot but we ended up sharding the stuff from Vault because we didn't bring a rogue. Also I don't know about anybody else in the guild but unless its something really specific I've been trying to get or something really sweet I don't really care about the loot. I just want to kill more bosses lol. I will note however we have gotten the timed run in Culling done twice now, and I actually got the second one (yeah me! ok so maybe I like some loot, hahaha). I am going to work hard to get everybody one and get a screenshot with our whole guild on bronze drakes. Should be a good time.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Note to self

Get Druid in Heroic UK and VH for new Chest and Headpiece and get 10 more emblems to get the offhand

Progress and crappy pugs

So our very small guild (11 actual people with 80's) got together to do 10man Naxx on Friday, It was a little bittersweet because our OT told us at the start he could not stay on late so we only had time to do one wing. Only 2 of our dps had been in before at all so we just did Spider wing. It went really well with only 2 wipes one where we didn't space properly for the silence effects on Anub'Rekhan and I died not understanding the whole not able to do anything aspect. But second time no problem. We one shotted the Grand Widow , luckily we had the dps to burn her pretty quick because we miss timed killing one of the adds. Maexxna took us 2 tries because the first attempt not everyone was in the room when I pulled her and they got webbed out. Hahahaha, lesson learned there. That was where we had to call it but it went really well for us and we plan on trying Plague wing this week, if we have enough people on. I am thinking if we work it right we might do 2 wings if plague doesn't go to bad. I also got in a pug Vault25 on Sunday and in bad form they decided to kill the easy boss first which was cake. Got my first 25 man kill, no sweat. Then we went to get ready for Emalon and had a mispull on the first trash guy and he wiped out most of the raid, well of course 6-7 people bail because we died, not even considering it was a mispull on a high health enraging trash pull, so of course our raid fell apart and when we tried to salvage a 10man we had no healers so I called it a night. Oh well, maybe next time.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New one on me

Last night I was trying to do a little bit to level my priest so I figured I'd pug a dungeon run for some quick xp. I got in LFG saw there was a tank and a dps in for VH and grabbed them figuring 2 dps no problem. HA! The dps didn't want to head back to Dalaran and bailed (after being in LFG for VH.. that's a whole other issue). So I was sitting there trying to find dps for VH, and I got noone. Its Violet Hold!!, you don't even have to leave Dalaran and it takes 15 minutes. But no, I had to pull 3 80's from my guild to bail me out and get it done since I had found this tank already. I know everybody is in Ulduar but come on.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What does Blizzard have against fun?

/Rant incoming
Ok I wasn't going to make a big stink out of some of these things but adding them up has made me a little irked. First why did they make the War Mammoth a regular mount, I loved having it as a siege vehicle and the first thing I did when I got it was jump out of the sewers of Dalaran to the ground with passengers on to freak them out and not die. This was not some huge game changing maneuver but it makes the mount less special to me because of that. Also I know that the more ghoulish aspects of Death Knights was making them OP in PVP and Arena but taking away the ability to turn into a ghoul when you die, I thought was a class defining roles. If you wanted to balance it make it so you can't use it in Arenas but don't just dump it because some people complained about it. Also turning into a ghoul after you die was pretty epic and one of the more fun parts of being a Death Knight. Then hotfixing pallies with this ninja nerf to Exorcism for PVP, I mean come on yes we do alot of burst damage but once the bubble is gone we are mincemeat. Pallies rely on burst to stay viable in PVP if you take away the burst you take away the viability unless your going to make some major changes to give more throughput and damage over time to our other abilities or added abilities because without exorcism we have 3 melee attacks (judgements, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm) and one aoe spell (consecration) that's not alot of options or variety. Yes I know there is a post about this nerf and they are looking into what to do but that doesn't mean I can't bring it up its my rant. I also miss the old warlock talent that was in the place of nemesis. I don't remember if it was called nemesis I don't play my lock a ton. It use to give you a buff that increased your shadow damage now it just reduces cooldowns. Buffs fun, cooldown reductions meh. alright that's all

The Stone Watcher requires mad dps (And I don't got it)

A friend of mine invited me to a 25man Vault pug as dps. Now I usually pull around 1900-2200 dps in heroics depending on the fights, and I am still working on getting my gear up to snuff on the ret side but that fight is so melee unfriendly I was barely pushing 1600. First you have to wait until the tank establishes good threat to lay in, then you have to back away from the Novas which kills my dps then I have to run over to the other side to work on the enraged add which any time spent moving kills my dps. So if you are bringing melee dps make sure they are mad geared or just grab more ranged dps if you can. At least I saw a good tanking strategy work so the next time I try it I know what I'm doing there.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday Naxx run

It looks like this weeks Naxx run is going to be a go. We have a bunch of people signed up already so it should be good. I am basically just playing my alts until then because there is not much I can do unless I get a 25 Vault spot to work on the new boss. I am really enjoying leveling up my warlock and it seems like there are a ton of people leveling alts because I keep getting into dungeon runs. I am going to hit 68 before I even get done with half of the Zanger quests. which is fine by me because I will be heading to Northrend at 68 covered in dungeon blues. Makes for easy leveling. I only have a level and a half to go too. I pretty much split my time between my warlock and my DK getting them both leveled up. I want to push my priest but it just is so boring doing quests with him, so he sits halfway through 78. Oh well

Friday, April 17, 2009

Previewing Talent Points!!

Ok so I just wanted to post to let people know about how to get this. It is a very valuable resource and would have saved me lots of gold over the years because I am known as what some people call a "Happy Clicker". So anyways, to turn on this you need to go to Interface Options, Display tab, then check the preview talent changes box. There, thats my second public service announcement in a row. I should get a cookie. K out

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Please don't put points in Sacred Cleansing

This is a Rant! Please do not put points in Sacred Cleansing!! I am by no means an expert Holy Paladin but please for the love of all things Holy (get it) do not put points in Sacred Cleansing. It might be the worst talent of any build of any spec of any class in the game. A 3/10 chance to give a 3/10 chance to resist a debuff. Ughhh!! This is completely worthless in PVE and not even really worth it in PVP although somewhat defensible in that aspect of the game. So please if you read this and know someone who doesn't now better let them know they are making the rest of us "want to eat a bee" (I stole that quote from Ferraro of Paladin Schmaladin). Thank you /end rant

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friday night is Raid night

Now that we finally got into a raid a few of our members want to press forward full on. Unfortunately our guild size limits our ability to do that on a consistent basis if we can't get everyone on. Shir had scheduled a Naxx run for Friday but it doesn't look like we will have enough people on to be able to even try it. I am hopeful we will at least have enough on to do a Vault or OS, maybe try the new Vault Boss. I am going to try to get people to post when would be the best times for them to raid so we can try to find a time for everybody to get in on the raiding. We definitely have more fun when we get everybody together to run, and we really are not looking to add people to our group so we shall see. Our DK's side guild is still slow to get going as he doesn't have any max level toons so we'll see, he might not need to get it going if we can get our group into a good schedule but some of us may have to push on in that guild to get our raiding fix. We'll just have to see how it goes. I was able to get dual specs on my pally setup last night after the servers finally came back. I run a just a little off-standard 0/51/20 tanking spec and a fairly more standard ret 0/17/54 and I am pretty happy with both. I also sent my Lazer chicken up to the Argent tournament to see how that works. It seems pretty grindy to me but some of the things were kinda fun. Will probably still be mostly running my warlock and DK though to level them up as they are the toons I am having the most fun on right now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Update: we can raid who knew

Well we had a pretty succesful go of it this weekend. We only had 9 people on on Friday but we were not gonna let that slow us down so we just headed to Vault to see if we could 9-man. Cakewalk just as I figured it would be. About half of our group had seen the fight already so it was easy enough to explain the basics and take out old Archavon. I don't remember the gear that dropped but the Mammoth did drop and I was lucky enough to win the roll. WOOT! I love it its so big I just ride it around everywhere now. Well anyways since we one-shotted Vault we wanted to keep going but since our offtank had to work in the morning Naxx wasn't gonna work so we thought lets try to 9-man OS. Luckily 2 of our group had been there before and Shir is pretty good at explaining the basics to the fights so we rolled through the place with a wipe on the last trash mob because we let the flame balls or whatever get to many people and then we 2-shotted Sarth. We let too many adds go in our first attempt and they just went crazy on our healers in the first try but after seeing the fight once and me almost wiping us right away on our second try because I forgot to have righteous fury up (grrr at me), we took him down easypeasy. I got lucky there too because the T7 gloves dropped and since I was the only one who could use them I got those 2 so now I have the 2 piece set bonus cause I bought the chestpiece with emblems. So our runs went really well and fun was had by all. We will probably try to get into Naxx here pretty soon, and while this is a far cry from every other guild out there coming from where we were barely moving through Kara before the big nerf, I think we have made some serious progress for our really small guild. Afterwards me and another member thought it would be fun to change it up and switch roles so he respecced tank and I respecced ret and we ran some heroics the rest of the weekend to have fun with that. My ret gear still needs some work but I was still pushing 1950-2200 damage depending on whether the run was melee friendly or not. I really need to enchant my ret gear so I can pug some stuff after dual-specs come out. Alright /end wall of text

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Toon Update

I noticed its been a while since my last toon update, so on with my rambling about me. ;)
Mistrk 80: Waiting for raids, I am ready to raid just waiting for my guild to catch up. I will probably run more heroics to help gear people. Also have been crafting my ret set for dual specs.

Chowyunfat 80: Needs to gear up in Heroics but since we only have 1 other tank I don't get much chance to dps, might start pugging once in a while.

Newguy 78: Kind of in Limbo, I should just level him to 80 and start pugging like a madman because all I ever see is lfm need heals. I just don't feel like running him much.

Warriorbarbi 74: Mid level tank sitting there if the midlevel alts need a tank for an instance. I like where she is at, will leave her there.

Septictank 71: Has been my main focus lately after playing the DK in the Arena tournament (we got back over 1500, woot!) I just started having more fun leveling him up. Also skinning like a madman to level my leatherworking up for some nice boe purples for me and my friends.

Iamthetick 72: Has been on alot since he is my Alchemist, Leatherworker but just to do profession stuff. I think he will get some play though when the patch comes out as I mess around with the new pet talents and test out some new pets.

Psychostick 63: On a tear lately, we have a group that basically all levels and runs together and he got to tag along from like 50 to 62 so it has been a good run, they are starting to pass me up but I might be able to keep up if I keep playing him this week.

Happymadison 50: My mage is sitting waiting for when I am ready to start pushing her to outland, probably when I get her JC maxed out and need to level to move on to the next level.

Surething 24: I really want to level him up but between everyone else he sits there with his fancy BoA shoulders waiting til I get motivated.

I have even got some time in on my horde toons here and there really want to see the Outland/Northrend experience from the horde perspective, but it usually sits on the back burner, or when Nath is down, oh well.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vault on Friday

We have scheduled Vault on Friday so hopefully we can get everybody on and not have to pug it. I am mostly working on alts in the meantime. I have almost no need for anything out of heroics for my tank and we are so short on tanks I never get to run as dps so I am just slowly leveling my alts and working professions like a madman. I will probably spend some time fishing and mining as well as I am mostly out of good buff food and I need more saronite, titanium and eternals.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well, I got in Vault

Yes, I got in a Vault pug, finally (yes I know I'm slow and everybody else with an 80 on every server has done it already but me and most of my guild but I don't care). I didn't win the roll for the Ret chespiece but no biggy I wasn't there for loot. I was there to see the fight and see if we had a legitimate shot at clearing it with our guild. I have now posted to the guild that we should try this fight when we can schedule it because it is a cakewalk. We were in and out in less than 5 minutes.