Monday, July 20, 2009

As requested :)

Yes, I am still alive. I have so far been unlucky in the job market but as I am still on contract layoff from my previous employer it is not a big deal (for now). I was hoping to make a blog post trumpeting my triumphant return to the workforce before now but you can't get everything, right. I have spent a good chunk of time applying and and searching for a job that I want. I can afford to picky right now but, if it gets to the point that I can't then I will take what I can get. Well you can't be looking for a job all the time you say and you would be correct I have gotten some Wow time in as well. I've found that pugs during the day are much smoother than primetime for the most part but if you want to do Naxx wait until late at night. I have finally gotten to see all of Naxx, although not with my guild and not on my tank. My priest Newguy is now nearly fully geared out in Naxx gear and has done 2 full clears in pugs in the last 2 weeks. I now feel more confidant taking my other toons into Naxx and will probably try pugging into that a little more as well. I am now starting to think about trying to get into Maly and maybe try to get into Uld, but if you don't know the fights its really hard to get into those fights. I will just have to hope that the people I've been running with see that I have the skill to handle those fights and trust me to learn on the go. I will read up on the strats and probably watch some of the fights on youtube if I think I'm gonna get a shot. Well that's mostly what I've been up to. I did get my DK to 80 and an grinding BG's for gear because I am really tired of heroics lol. I really only bring my tank out to tank Emalon it seems. Oh yeah, a bunch of our guild has rerolled on a pve server to get kind of a fresh start with some friends and family so our guild runs have died out our last three scheduled Naxx runs have not gotten enough people to sign up. It is summer and that's part of it but I know some of it is frustration on the lack of progress we seemed to be making. Well hopefully we can regroup soon and get back to downing bosses and having fun. I don't know when my next post will be but I will try to update a little bit typeatyalater