Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Alive!!

I just haven't had that urge to spill my guts to the interwebz. I have a new temp job that makes me get up early (for me) in the morning and thats been sapping my energy. Our raiding has xontinued for the most part we are 8/12 in group 1, and just moved to 6/12 in group 2. There some mixing of the groups from our original group 1 but its been pretty productive. My mage Eatfloor made 80 over the weekend giving me 9 80's every class but rogue. Considering my highest level rogue is currently a level 2 bank alt that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon. I have found that leveling is what continues to draw me in. I get burnt out on leveling here and there but I always seem to find a way to get caught up in another alts trip to the endgame. I think my 73 hunter will soon be my first class with 2 80's. I have been a huge fan of hunters for a long time. I have 6 or 7 on various servers between 19 and 80. I used to be really into researching what pets had what skills to be taught what pets you had to catch to train your current pets. I understand why they simplified the process but it really gutted a lot of the work I put in on my first hunter and when they classed pets up it seems like all the pets I liked were nerfed or changed and I've never gotten back into my original hunter since then I do love leveling them and pvping with them though. Having a pet with you seems so much more RPG to me and it seems much more immersive when I am leveling my hunters. I don't really have any set goals I'm trying to achieve in game. I want to finish ICC or at least get to the Lick King before Cata. If I see the fight I think that would be enough for me. All my toons are leveled up. I am working on gearing my 5th or 6th alt which gets old pretty fast and I am trying to get into pvp but I just haven't gotten that spark lately maybe being on a PVE server has quenched my rage for the horde. There was always a lot of need to pvp after getting ganked while leveling that I just don't fear anymore. I hope that they have more Wintergrasp like elements in Cataclysm as its really been the only pvp I've done on any kind of regular basis in this expansion. Well I guess I had a few things to say after all. :)
K Out!