Friday, April 24, 2009

New one on me

Last night I was trying to do a little bit to level my priest so I figured I'd pug a dungeon run for some quick xp. I got in LFG saw there was a tank and a dps in for VH and grabbed them figuring 2 dps no problem. HA! The dps didn't want to head back to Dalaran and bailed (after being in LFG for VH.. that's a whole other issue). So I was sitting there trying to find dps for VH, and I got noone. Its Violet Hold!!, you don't even have to leave Dalaran and it takes 15 minutes. But no, I had to pull 3 80's from my guild to bail me out and get it done since I had found this tank already. I know everybody is in Ulduar but come on.

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Kromus said...

I know what you mean - in a way its good, but its been equal amount of need for DPS, Healer, Tank - rather then just gief healer all the time.

I feel loved.