Thursday, April 23, 2009

What does Blizzard have against fun?

/Rant incoming
Ok I wasn't going to make a big stink out of some of these things but adding them up has made me a little irked. First why did they make the War Mammoth a regular mount, I loved having it as a siege vehicle and the first thing I did when I got it was jump out of the sewers of Dalaran to the ground with passengers on to freak them out and not die. This was not some huge game changing maneuver but it makes the mount less special to me because of that. Also I know that the more ghoulish aspects of Death Knights was making them OP in PVP and Arena but taking away the ability to turn into a ghoul when you die, I thought was a class defining roles. If you wanted to balance it make it so you can't use it in Arenas but don't just dump it because some people complained about it. Also turning into a ghoul after you die was pretty epic and one of the more fun parts of being a Death Knight. Then hotfixing pallies with this ninja nerf to Exorcism for PVP, I mean come on yes we do alot of burst damage but once the bubble is gone we are mincemeat. Pallies rely on burst to stay viable in PVP if you take away the burst you take away the viability unless your going to make some major changes to give more throughput and damage over time to our other abilities or added abilities because without exorcism we have 3 melee attacks (judgements, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm) and one aoe spell (consecration) that's not alot of options or variety. Yes I know there is a post about this nerf and they are looking into what to do but that doesn't mean I can't bring it up its my rant. I also miss the old warlock talent that was in the place of nemesis. I don't remember if it was called nemesis I don't play my lock a ton. It use to give you a buff that increased your shadow damage now it just reduces cooldowns. Buffs fun, cooldown reductions meh. alright that's all

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