Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friday night is Raid night

Now that we finally got into a raid a few of our members want to press forward full on. Unfortunately our guild size limits our ability to do that on a consistent basis if we can't get everyone on. Shir had scheduled a Naxx run for Friday but it doesn't look like we will have enough people on to be able to even try it. I am hopeful we will at least have enough on to do a Vault or OS, maybe try the new Vault Boss. I am going to try to get people to post when would be the best times for them to raid so we can try to find a time for everybody to get in on the raiding. We definitely have more fun when we get everybody together to run, and we really are not looking to add people to our group so we shall see. Our DK's side guild is still slow to get going as he doesn't have any max level toons so we'll see, he might not need to get it going if we can get our group into a good schedule but some of us may have to push on in that guild to get our raiding fix. We'll just have to see how it goes. I was able to get dual specs on my pally setup last night after the servers finally came back. I run a just a little off-standard 0/51/20 tanking spec and a fairly more standard ret 0/17/54 and I am pretty happy with both. I also sent my Lazer chicken up to the Argent tournament to see how that works. It seems pretty grindy to me but some of the things were kinda fun. Will probably still be mostly running my warlock and DK though to level them up as they are the toons I am having the most fun on right now.

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