Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WOW Pokemon - I am addicted

I have been Pet Battling like a maniac. I have 3 level 25 pets 2 leveled from scratch :) I was a long time collector of pets before so I had a huge advantage to someone just starting out, I was sitting with 110 unique pets already and some really nice rare ones. I have found that pets who resurrect are very powerful. I have 2 pets with heals 2 who resurrect and two damage over time abilities. I have already beat all the trainers through Northrend, although the guy at the Argent tournament took 2 tries he was tough. I am currently leveling up a bunch of my rare pets I must have 30 between 5 and 10, I take my low level Rogue skinner out and grind leather and pet battle and PVP. All the new heirloom gear has made him an absolute beast. I had never leveled a rogue above 18 before now I am 21 and just having a ton of fun pissing off people in PVP, I will just Sap them as the run by, or wait til the start taking a base then bam Sap, so much fun. Well I will have a report on more of my misadventures soon, Chow is almost 89, I am not a big fan of the dungeons he can run and questing is so slow at that level, he is doing quite a bit of farming too. Is there a new name for farming mats now that there is actual farming in the game? Just wondered, typeatyalater
K Out!

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