Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been trying to finish Reg Halls Of Reflection on my warlock

He doesn't have good enough gear to get in heroic according to lfg so I was trying to do it on regular to finish the quest chain. I got in a group we killed the first 2 bosses easily enough and the shield didn't drop so of course the tank bailed so he could re-queue. a couple of us waited 10 minutes or so, but when we didn't get anyone it fell apart. So I re-queued. I got the same tank with a whole different group. Blow through the first 2 bosses, no shield, he drops group again. Now this time I was with a very patient group. Everyone waited 35 minutes and we didn't get another tank, so everyone said thanks but I've got other things to do. I really appreciated that and they were great we talked about a bunch of stuff while we were waiting, they were a great group. I understand why the tank did it. but I would just like to put this out there. Its only another 10 minutes max, you really could help out everyone else and maybe get some good karma points for yourself towards getting the shield to drop.
K Out!


Luxuren & Luxuran @ Twilight Hammer said...

HER: All PUG tanks (except for my boyfriend) are stupid. :>. They think they are all that, but leave at the first sign of distress. Actually, they wouldn't be much without a healer. And without DPS, they may finish the instance, but it'll take a while. And sure a healer and 3 DPS can manage decently in many instances (read my post created a few days ago), but it also takes a while.

For the most effectiveness, we need to all work together. :>. (And maybe kill off all those high and mighty tanks to put them in their place. ;P.)

And all is a slight exaggeration. :3.

Mister K said...

Maybe I should pug on my tank more often just to get a good tank out there every so often. I just wished it was appreciated more than a hefty go go go right as I get there