Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's not that easy to gear up your alts.

Well it is but trying to do the heroic grind on some of my alts just makes me not want to play. I did a little math and to get the 4 piece t9 and the triumph helm it would take you 59 heroic dungeons to get that done. I can barely do one or two before I start losing my marbles I've done them all so many times. Normally this leads me to playing my alts but now that they are all in Northrend its more of the same dungeons I've run so many times I just can't do them anymore and quests I've done 5 or 6 times that don't interest me right now. I have 4 71-76 alts I don't really feel like playing much and 8 80's 3 who don't really need gear and 5 that need so much it gets frustrating thinking about grinding out more. So yes epics may be falling from the sky but just because they are doesn't make getting them really that fast or very much fun. I almost feel like I should start an arena team like I did in BC but I haven't been doing any pvp so I don't have any pvp gear and thinking about grinding for it well see above lol. I do miss bg's a little bit so maybe I will do a little pvp and see if that feels more fun.

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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. Personally got three 80's and 4 alts that's between 74 and 78.

The thought of grinding heroics on 4 characters to not even then being able to get into raids other the ToC 10 or 25, well, meh.