Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Iamthetick is 87 - we'll see if it sticks

I played a little over the weekend. I am starting to notice a pattern, I will get on a roll with a toon and get up to 87-88 and I will start to notice I am struggling to compete a little bit and then I start getting bored and set them aside. I have 2 toons almost 89 but have no desire to even log into them because they are not competitive. The worst part is I don't really care I am not planning on raiding at all but I do like to run the occasional dungeon and I hate feeling like I am the weak link. I just want to contribute you know. Well I will see if the same thing happens with my hunter I have been good this time I have not spent any time on any of my other toons except for mailing off items and banking spare junk. That's about all I got so thanks for all the fish, typeatyalater. K Out!

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