Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My current playtime Castle TD on my phone

I have been really flighty with my gaming time the last month. I went on a binge and played SongPop hardcore on facebook for 2 weeks. The I found a castle defense game for Army of Darkness (which rules by the way if you are a fan) the only problem being it is too short a game only 50 levels and endless becomes easily beaten, So I have rekindled my love of castle defense game and have been adding them to my phone constantly. my favorite so far is Castle TD by Droidhong. Solid game just the right amount of difficulty where it only takes a few trys to figure out the stages, multiple difficulty levels and seemingly more development to be  done. I also like Fort Conquer but after about 150 levels and 150 arena battles it really becomes pay to win. I am just a glutton for punishment so I am willing to lose a lot to continue to advance. So that's my gaming right now, mobile games, whoda thunk it. As I continue my awkward gaming pilgrimage I will continue to update sporadically.
K Out!

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