Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Altitis in full swing

I have been switching between toons pretty furiously lately. I got my mage to 50 last night, been pushing my warlock to 58 to work with some of the folks new to outland. I have been doing a few dailies between my priest, pally, and boomkin, also spending time working the auction house(mostly trying to liquidate gems I made while leveling up jewelcrafting) We have run a few things here and there. I do love it when Nexus is the heroic daily because it is an easy 7 emblems(I know!). Really just working on getting some emblems and I have been watching strat videos on bosses to get ready to start pugging some raids. Wish me luck!

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Averna said...

I've been working on some of my alts as well.... my mage is up to 41, and I just started a warrior that's up to 14? I think, now.

I love playing alts. Just when you think that there's nothing else to do in WoW, it's like, oh wait, there's still leveling!!