Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroic Achievements

Well howdy, I had a productive weekend in WOW. I got my first heroic dungeon achievement. Snakes

So that was fun, even if we did get it by accident. I am getting a little more confidant in my ability to tank heroics as well. I got a couple upgrades to my kit over the weekend. We had a couple people trying to get the Lunar Festival achievement so I helped them get all the Northrend dungeon ones done. It seems if you want to you can have just a tank and 2 dps and finish Draktheron Keep hahaha. (we didn't finish it but did kill a couple of bosses to see if we could). I almost have my warrior in Northrend as well to help the lower level and alts get into some dungeons here soon. Also GO STEELERS!! What a game, I mean just an amazing finish. I knocked my drink over when Harrison returned that interception for a touchdown.

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