Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heroic Upgrades by Dungeon

This is just kind of a reference post for me, on how many upgrades for my tank I can get out of which heroic 5-mans, in no particular order

* Significant upgrade, ** Minor upgrade

Utgarde Keep: 2 Sword and ring

Utgarde Pinnacle: 2 Sword* and Belt**

Oculus: 3 Ring**, Axe, Pants

Nexus: 0

Azjol Nerub: 2 Trinket*, Belt**

Ahn'kahet: 3 Ring**, Necklace*, Bracer*

Drak'Tharon Keep: 2 Ring, Chest (both last boss)

Violet Hold: 2 Trinket, Pants*

Gundrak: 2 Shoulder, Trinket**, Glove

Halls of Stone: 2 Ring, Chest

Halls of Lightning: 1 Shoulder

Culling of Stratholme: 2 Bracer, Necklace*

I don't have any gear from Heroics but I do have 3 crafted epics, a few rep pieces, and a couple of pieces I have bought to cover the rest of my gear until we get into Naxx

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