Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes it pays to be a packrat

I had saved up a ton of low level gems from jewelcrafting, for no other reason as I was just waiting for a stack of 20 to put on the auction house, well I decided that since jewelcrafting was such a profitable profession I would turn my gatherer into a duel profession moneymaker, he is now a tailor/jewelcrafter and I will soon be selling frostweave bags to the masses hahahaha. I used up most of my savings pushing my jewelcrafting even with all the mats I had saved up but i has turned out that Dragon's Eyes are a great way to make your money back, I just buy the gems I need for the daily go do the quest and bam sell my Dragon's Eye no fuss no muss. I should have my money back today or tomorrow and start making a hefty profit so as to afford the useless luxury items I would like to have.

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