Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Levl 60 warrior respec (Prot)

I have only recently been playing my warrior, an alt I had started long ago and that had languished in the 30's for a long time. When the changes to warriors came out for wrath I was pretty excited to try the new warrior tanking tree out because it seemed so fluid and alot of fun. I had been leveling a little here and there, had tried both arms and fury, I liked arms after the changes too with executes all the time and overpowers constantly and did try bladestorm out very quickly, very fun. Didn't really like fury to much but never tried Titans grip so I didn't really give it a full run. But the prot changes drew me in especially shockwave and warbringer, which arms is now getting but oh well. So when I got to 60 I almost immediately switched to prot, and wow, my survivability went way up and I really didn't notice a huge dropoff damagewise because it was just so much more fun, I had been aoe tanking with my paladin for so long that doing the same with the warrior became second nature. Anyways my friend has just got his warrior to 60 and he wanted to try tanking out so I am going to go over my setup for a level 60 warrior tanking spec.


Tier 1
I use 5/5 Shield Specialization and 3/3 Improved Thunderclap.
For leveling the shield block is good avoidance and the rage from blocking is a nice bonus. Thunder clap is going to be a priority when tanking more that one mob because of the slowing effect and increasing its damage is a great way to keep your multi-target threat going strong
Tier 2
I say 3/3 Incite and 5/5 Anticipation
Well Anticipation is easy 5% avoidance is 5% chance they can hit you and tanking they are always trying to hit you so that is all good. Incite becomes important when you start seeing how much you are using revenge and then when you mix that in with the Glyph of Revenge and Heroic strike not affecting your global cooldowns you will really appreciate this with the increased damage and threat.
Tier 3
I say 1/1 Last Stand, 2/2 Improved Revenge, 5/5 Toughness
Last stand can come in really handy in certain spots, say you have the boss down to 5% and you lose your healer last stand and a pot can sometimes get you through it. We've already stressed that revenge is important you'll be using it whenever it comes up so 20% more damage is a given and the stun procs all the time. Armor helps mitigate the damage so yes please to more armor.
Tier 5
I say 1/1 Concussion Blow, 2/2 Gag Order
Well I think concussion blow goes without saying. In my book any stun on the bad guys is a good stun and it does decent damage. I find gag order really helpful, casters really piss me off and that silence to shield bash is awesome keeps them in range for all the good stuff.
Tier 6
I say 5/5 One-handed Weapon Specialization
Your a tank you use a one-handed weapon and a shield and you deal physical damage, this is 10% more damage, enough said.
Tier 7
I say 2/2 Improved Defensive Stance, 1/1 Vigilance, 3/3 Focused Rage
Improved defensive stance is great less spell damage taken and a chance to deal more damage when you avoid damage is just perfect synergy, Vigilance is great for grouping, especially if you have some higher level friends pulling ag or your healer likes to frontload alot of heals on you, works great, I like focused rage for leveling Most of the time your going to be spending downtime doing stuff that keeps you from having a full rage bar so making your abilities cost less rage is a nice cushion.
Tier 8
I say 3/3 Vitality
Strength is Attack power and block value, Stamina is more health and Expertise keeps you from being parried or dodged. Do I need to say anything else.
Tier 9
I say 1/1 Warbringer, 1/1 Devastate, 3/3 Critical Block
Warbringer is just awesome charge is the signature warrior ability and being able to charge in combat is amazing, Devastate replaces sunder Armor as your armor reduction talent and is great for building threat up but be careful not to use it to much because you will get much more from a heroic strike with that rage, but don't let your sunder fall off, its a delicate balancing act. I like Critical block alot, shield slam is probably my most damaging ability so 15% more chance to crit on it alone is amazing, and who doesn't want more avoidance, doubling the amount you block can never be bad
Tier 10
I say 3/3 Sword and Board, 1/2 Damage Shield
I love Sword and Board, more crit to devastate yes please and NO RAGE COST REFRESHED COOLDOWN SHIELD SLAM yeah its that good, I just wish it would proc off of Heroic Strike too but you can't have everything. Learn to love shield slam, I like Damage shield it just makes so much sense they hit you they take damage and your block value should only get higher so fill this point out later but first...
Tier 11
I say 1/1 Shockwave
BAM everyone in front of you is stunned and took a ton of damage. Yep thats Shockwave, great for multiple targets, don't get frustrated by the fact its tricky to aim you'll get it, trust me.

Thats it from here on out there are some great talents in Arms to get like Deflection, Improved Charge and Deep Wounds that I would start heading towards after this but its a great place to start.

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