Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Got my boomkin in a heroic

Yes, chow is now 80 and I got him a heroic Nexus with what I'll call the B team last night, well one A teamer, and our 2nd healer and tank and 2 new 80's including me. We struggled a little but we got it done. It was probably the longest heroic Nexus we've done but it was nice to be able to finish a heroic with those folks, a good experience because it doesn't always work out that way for the B team, which I have been known to have a character or 3 on most of the time. So now we have 11 people with 80's and I am going to try to schedule a VoA run probably next weekend this weekend is probably to short of notice for some people. Looking forward to wiping many times yet hopefully beating it. We could use the pick me up it would provide, to give us the motivation to push ahead into Naxx

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