Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Arena Strategy

I have been playing in the Arena tournament lately and have been enjoying it for the most part. Occasionally we get just stomped by some team but for the most part we give as good as we get and are hovering right around the 50/50 mark. Our team is comprised of a Unholy DK, Survival Hunter, Resto Druid. This works really well as a team for us because we have all played these characters on our main server to some degree although we are still leveling our DK and Druid, and our hunter usually plays BM so its a little different but we have the basics for the playstyle and helped our learning curve. This has been a pretty strong comp for us because we tried a Hunter, Mage, Priest team and we lost and lost badly. We gave up on it pretty quickly but it just seemed like I was out of my league on that one, arena on a priest is way different then regular BG pvp. So anyways we have a fairly straightforward setup where I will charge out ahead on my DK with the Hunter right behind me. The druid will be stealthed and calling out the opposing teams. What I try to do is identify the other teams healer and we will focus them down. If its a pally we focus them until they are forced to bubble then switch up to another player. If there are cloaked members of the other team I will pull back to where our druid is so that if a rogue or druid or both trys to focus our healer I can disrupt them as quick as possible. That's basically it. Keep people off my healer, kill their healer and then burn down the nearest dps. Our biggest troubles usually come from teams with warlocks, or Holy Pallies, chain fearing me around and bubbled healing can really wreck us if we can't make much of a dent and they take out someone on our team quickly.

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