Friday, May 21, 2010

Nothing new to report, but we are still at it

Well. We got Rotface down to 24% so we are making a little progress there, and team 2 is going back into Ulduar on Monday to see if we can make a push towards finishing it. So we have had some good raiding going on. We basically spent most of last night wiping on Rotface which can be kind of frustrating. I am tanking the oozes and I am starting to get better at it. I really need to find a better way to build the next big ooze after one explodes. I seem to do okay the first time but after the second ooze explodes we seem to get little oozes everywhere and I can't corral them. I watched a couple videos and might try something different next time. If anyone else out there knows a good strategy please feel free to elaborate. I'm all ears.


Grimmtooth said...

I know a couple of GMs and RLs that are a little ahead of us, and they've mentioned that they spent a couple of weeks hovering around 10% on that sucker; the key here is patience and practice. I say this not to frustrate, but to prepare :)

Having a dedicated healer on the infectees really seemed to help, too. Now we just gotta get the kiters to be a little less chaotic, I think that's causing a lot of pain.

Well, if it was easy, everyone'd be doing it, right?

Mister K said...

I hear what your saying and you're right. I just know that some of the responsibility is on me to properly kite and call out oozees. So I feel responsible on some of the wipes and my perfectionist side gets all jittery. I will remember to keep my cool and do some breathing exercises if I have to :).It will come together and we'll wonder why it took us so long to figure out one day.

Grimmtooth said...

Yeah ... I usually have the camera pulled out and it's like watching an anthill after it's been poked. Half the time I end up running around like a chicken, too :)

People still need to find that groove. Like you said, keep your cool and keep control and we'll eventually come to you :)