Monday, May 10, 2010

Team 2 rocks Ulduar!!

We started a second raid team this week working some undergeared toons and alts in Ulduar. It was a ton of fun. Seeing some of the fights in there from the dps side is way different. I think everybody had a good time and we pushed through the first 2 sections and the crazy cat lady in one night. I think our team 2 may do something our team one never got to do finish Ulduar. Which would be awesome because I would really like a chance to see the Yogg fight. I've heard that it is an insane fight and I am actually looking forward to seeing if we can do it. Tomorrow ICC and another chance to kill Rotface!!


Grimmtooth said...

LOL no kidding, I'm all where's mah frisbee button ... some of those fights I'd never seen before, on that toon!

I have to admit the MM hunter build does bring some weighty damages to the negotiations. I was not prepared to make such an admission.

Mister K said...

You were laying down some impressive numbers. I had to push hard to try keep up with you. I was guilty of not going all out a little on a few fights because I was just looking at what was going on since I'd never really seen some of the fights just boss crotch.

Grimmtooth said...


LOL - that's an excellent point! I do so enjoy alt nights since people get the opportunity to see things from a different perspective.

Yes, the DPS numbers were surprising if I do say so. I did reset Skada after Loot Leviathan ... that showed Squish the mage ahead of me by 100-200 or so. If I had had the wolf out we'd be even closer. But I do lurves me kitty.

Cathy said...

Rotface always reminds me of the prince fight in Kara. Just luck as to where the ooze spreads and timing of moving.

I found it a very very frustrating fight the few times but once running it with the same group it got better for sure. Paying attention to your own positioning is very important with Rotface. Staying out of the ooze and sprays and communicating well.