Monday, February 1, 2010

I like getting Triumph badges before 80

There has not been any huge things going on in guild lately. The last couple of weeks its been get the weekly done and ..... Well we have done a few other things, my friend finally got his Champion of The Frozen Wastes title this week because he finally killed KT, yep KT never had gotten a full clear done before. He's even been further in ToC than me, I've seen him run against the Twin Valkyr and I've never been that far but he had never gotten in Naxx when it was the thing to do because well our guild was pretty raid dysfunctional back then (hence the new guild, Long live the Bunnies). Also we did Voa for the first time since I've transferred servers, I think they had some issues with it before I was here and I can understand that I remember having some fun pug encounters when Emalon first came out but its no big deal now with all the uber-gear and having a good strategy. So it was good to get in there and get some gear for some folks. So anyways I've been running my lowbie toons a lot more the last few weeks and once your able to get into Northrend dungeons you start getting emblems of triumph from the first random you do in a day so I have been getting quite a few of those on my shaman and on my warrior on my old server. I have been tanking a lot on my newest DK and on my warrior. It is way different from my pally. The DK is so dependant on death and decay that sometimes I have to wait til the cooldown is up so I can go on which you can tell that some of the dps will get all antsy on you and start pulling for you. My normal strategy for this though is just to let them die. I sometimes have to tell my healer that though because some of them are so good they can keep them alive even if I am trying to let them die. My warrior on the other hand is really good at snap aggro but it is much more of a struggle holding groups over time thunderclap is great for initial threat but it doesn't give you that constant threat of a consecrate or death and decay which leaves me doing a lot of cleaving and target switching to throw devastates out there. I can really see how warriors could be the kings of carpal tunnel from tanking. Well those are just my thoughts on the current happenings with me.
K Out!

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Grimmtooth said...

I think the key thing for VoA was having a couple of tankers that knew the fight. My past experiences with Em have been HEAL HEAL HEAL EVERYONE'S RUNNING WTF HEAL ZOME MOAR.

Or something like that. :)

So it was pretty cool seeing us go in there and no panics happening.