Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back again

Did my daily random on my shammy and got in a VH hold run. Easy right? well when someone starts it and the tank is dc'ed it gets sorta rough. Well we had a DK so he kinda tanked through wave 6. I say kinda because he wouldn't switch to frost presence so the Boomkin and I kept pulling aggro. halfway through the core-hound boss the Boomkin died and I had all the ag so I dropped my rock guy and started healing him and we beat it. We had voted to kick the dc'ed tank at wave four so we were in queue but no reinforcements showed and the DK bailed right after the boss. well our holy pally healer started tanking then (held ag way better than the DK too lol). After wave 7 the boomkin bailed so it was just me and Toz of Alexstraza. An awesome Holy paladin if there ever was one we 2-manned wave 7-10 until reinforcements arrived. I kept rooting them with my earthbind totem and doing damage whenever I could we were healing each other and just kept working away at them. So here's to you Toz, I wish you many good drops and easy pugs.

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