Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've had some post ideas but nothing has really struck me so I have just left it. We have started clearing Voa weekly. The new boss isn't too hard we usually lose a couple people each try but that's just because we are basically right at the dps level for clearing it so the damage buff is pretty high when we get him down. I have been spending most of the rest of my game time on my alts. My Shaman is 76 and is easily pulling 2k dps on bosses, lava burst is crazy damage. I have also got my hunter to 45. Having played hunters on 4 servers it makes the leveling process really easy. I also want to get him leveled up so I can have an alchemist. I miss having an alchemist and its too expensive to transfer all your toons. My DK is also moving up. I got him to 66 and have been pushing his JC and enchanting soon he'll start getting his JC dailies done and start learning valuable patterns to help save me tons of gold a the AH. Scrolls of enchant are a huge moneymaker on the AH too. Its given me my biggest cushion in a while. Thats pretty much it just a small update.
K Out!

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