Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Dungeon Frost Lord!!

Adding the holiday boss to the LFD is awesome in my opinion. I killed the frost lord on 6 of my toons yesterday. I want to get my mage in but you have to be 78 and he is only 76 so I will have to push a little harder than I like. I have basically been leveling my mage one JC daily and one random dungeon a day. He already has like 44 triumph emblems. My mage has done almost all the other achievements for this holiday so if I can get him in I will have another Flame Warden which in my opinion is one of the coolest titles in the game. I keep it on my druid all the time. I was lucky enough to get the ice shard in the bag of my druid so he got the rock elemental pet who is really cool looking. I hope I can get it on my pally because he is my designated pet hoarder with maybe 60 pets and counting (although I have a friend who has 130+ I am never going to catch her). I got the patch update today. I am curious whether the new raid is really ready to go. I am a sucker for new content :)
Quick note: Happy Birthday to Gracus and Lafrentz in my guild they both have their birthday on the same day (today)!!
K Out!!


Cathy said...

Oooooo I didn't know there was a pet in there. Very exciting!! I have I think 72 pets on my druid so I'll be hoping for that new one.

Nice to have something a little different going on in the game. Frost emblems are a nice touch as well:)

Luxuren & Luxuran @ Twilight Hammer said...

HER: Actually, I *hate* that pet. Reason mentioned in latest post.

But reason aside, congrats and good luck on your pet collector.