Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well we've seen Putricide and Dreamwalker. We Died lol

We are working on Putricide and we got him somewhere around 50% on Thursday so we're getting there. Its an interesting fight with a lot of movement and avoiding stuff. Tanking him isn't to difficult once you figure out when to move him. I try to throw some damage at the oozes as I go by to position him on the other side. We just took a quick look at Dreamwalker, we were not prepared the adds come in on that fight fast and furious. We are really going to have to get a good system of priority on killing the adds. On a side note I haven't seen a drop in a couple weeks the two things I would like just don't seem to want to drop for me lol. I might get a chance to bring my shammy into the raid next week if everybodys on. That will be fun. I don't even care if I get any gear or anything I just want to see what I can do.

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