Monday, June 21, 2010

A post on Bloggers I miss.

I have been clearing out my feed-reader lately so I can add some more blogs to it and I have some I just can't remove no matter how long its been. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the Bloggers I miss just a few that I really enjoyed.

Mortigan The Lock.
For those of you that read Mortigan for the short time he was blogging you know he had a unique voice and was really hilarious. His post on rules of raiding was a widespread success. His blog is no longer up, and one of his last posts had to do with having a new addition to his family so I hope all is well with him.

WTFspaghetti - A Random Warcraft Blog
This blog was the one that actually got me to level my shaman. Always an awesome read. I hope they start posting again sometime. I miss the sense of humor and the people that commented always kept good post discussions going.

No More /Cheer.
Another blog that is gone from blogger I don't know what happened but the whole blog is gone. This was one of the bloggers who was one of my first commenter's and always had great comments and was very nice. Also had great posts too.

I know there are many more bloggers who have come and gone and some of them have also been great and amazing but as a blogger with a smaller following its the ones that I was an avid reader and commenter and always got great responses from them that I miss the most. Always know if your out there that your welcome back anytime.
K Out!


kaozz said...

I had to clean my reader out awhile back, I just had toooo many in there.

It's growing again, though it had gotten to the point I was spending way too much time trying to filter through them each day.

Some I just have to keep in there even if they don't write so much anymore.

Luxuren & Luxuran @ Twilight Hammer said...

HER: I am thankful for our short feed-reader: you're one of two. X3.

I hope to start getting into your posts. There's a bit too much about raiding for me, but that's just because I'm too casual and most of the encounters go over my head. :>.

I (and Luxuren) don't play (or blog) too much anymore. He enjoys playing more than I do (he's a much better player/raider, has an arena team and is into PvP) but I enjoy blogging (and sort of force him to join me since he sort of forces me to raid ;>) and putting together a story. But if there's nothing to blog about, there's no point. So I'll be nice and easy on your reader. ;P.

HIM: It's all lies.

HER: He never says that for long... ;>.

HIM: *Shock.*

Mister K said...

@kaozz I know what you mean I can't really keep up woth it I just keep them all because I would hate to miss some of the best stuff out there

@Luxes I usually post a more varied variety then just about my raiding but my posting has been very infrequent and I partially use my blog as a what we did outlet. But I do have some more non=raiding posts coming up soon.