Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I miss having more 80's

I used to have 6 80's on my old server. If I still had that I would have the primordial Saronite I need really quickly. I only have 2 and it is taking forever to get the frost emblems I need for those things. If I was working regularly I would transfer a couple more toons over but I just can't justify that with my finances the way they are. I do have a couple toons over 68 now so I will have 4 80's very soon and that will help I powerleveled their professions too so that they could supplement my needs. I now have max level Alchemy, Inscription, Herbalism, Mining, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Enchanting(2 of them are herbalists because I am trying to make the darkmoon cards). I am really glad I moved to this server I have done things I never would have imagined if I hadn't (My old guild could not kill Gluth in Naxx). I am now knocking on the door of clearing the first wing in ICC. I have also made a ton of friends in my new guild and am really enjoying the game as much as I ever have. I did run a couple heroics with a couple people from my old guild Monday night. It was fun I hadn't gotten a chance to talk to them in a while and it was just good to hang out with them. Somethings never change though, I was looking at the one guys gems and he has totally fallen in love with crit gems. I even looked at some of his other toons and he has geared all his dps toons in crit gems. Its the strangest thing I've ever seen. I don't miss that at all. I know its just a game and maybe I take it a little too serious sometimes, but I play because I want to accomplish goals and to do that you kind of have to know what you're doing to maximize your toons potential. Some of my old guild members didn't feel it was necessary to do any checking on how to gear their toons. I think my next post will be a toon update. I have not done one in a while and some things are way different from the last time.

K Out!

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