Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well, the Saurfang fight is interesting

We are making some steady progress through ICC10 our group has had some really good nights in there. We finally killed the lady and did the jet-pack boat ride (best fight so far). I am starting a new job tomorrow, so that's cool. I'm slightly nervous but it should be good. I have to figure out what my new work schedule is gonna be because it might affect my raiding schedule, not sure yet though. I wanted to give my 2 cents on why I prefer 10mans to 25mans. I find the fights to be tuned much tighter and I think it builds such good team unity when you get through it, especially since we only run 10mans. I haven't seen a 25 man since Naxx and Sarth and honestly I don't miss it at all. Now if our guild did get bigger and wanted to try 25mans I wouldn't go "No way I don't do that" I'd give it a try for sure but pugging 25's just because they have better loot doesn't appeal to me at all. Well thats all I had on that.
K out!

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Grimmtooth said...

Well, RL > Raiding. If necessary we can change the schedule around. We used to mainly raid on Saturday, so this weeknight thing is new for me :)

As long as we can find a slot where both of our uber threat magnets can be there, it's all good.

Oh, and good fortune with the new job!