Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Better late then Never

The Plaguelands I Knew You When...

I hope everyone enjoyed my guest post as much as I did, Grimm is not only a good friend but I feel one of the most entertaining bloggers working today. I waited until now to let his post sit at the top so as many people as possible could read it and because you all know by now I am a lazy lazy blogger and deep in the waiting for Cataclysm to drop already.

So let's get started!

The runners up

I have not been playing as long as my friend Grimm as I started right as Burning Crusade started. I was willing to include lands from both continents because I have grown quite fond of the old world. I am a leveler at heart and have spent quite a lot of time there. I have a few in my mind that really stick out though

- Azuremyst Isle. Having leveled a toon to 80 with every alliance race and all the horde ones at least through the starting area, I have got to give Blizzard a hand. They saw what worked and what didn't and made their newest starting areas an amazingly more concise and enjoyable ride getting you out into the world. I was so fond of Azuremyst I actually take any new alliance toon I start there
- Dun Morogh. This is probably mostly because I started my first toon there but I always remember how I felt the first time I came up to Ironforge a castle in the mountain just seemed so amazing and all the dwarves are so much more engaging as NPC's to me, but that just might be the laugh.
- Feralas. If I had not leveled a horde toon through there this might not have been close because its awfully skimpy for alliance but its such an amazing zone to go through and the contrast from thousand needles on one end and the giants on the coast on the other end really got me.

But the winner is

The Plaguelands are going to be lumped together in this case because they are so intertwined and have so many crossing paths and quests that you can't really separate them fairly. My first toon was my pally and I leveled him up as ret when ret was still mostly a joke. I ran a few dungeons with my small guild of friends but as they were all used to the old game I was stuck healing all the time. I actually didn't mind but that's another story, my whole opinion of what my toon could do changed when I got to the Plaguelands, I had a fear I could use I had exorcism and holy wrath I all of the sudden was a one man wrecking machine killing undead at a pace I never imagined possible. I probably leveled 50 to 53 strictly killing undead in the Eastern Plaguelands I was enthralled and will always remember how much fun that was.
Secondly I will always remember my first trip to Eastern Plaguelands my friend and I who played together a lot while we were leveling were exploring in the Hinterlands at level 45 and we found the hidden trail to the plaguelands and saw a lake so we figured we better swim across see whats on the other side. We ran into a 55 Spider ( a skull to us though) and what basically became our first raid boss he was a shaman and me on my pally we took turns healing each other and beating on the thing and he used his ankh and I ran back from the graveyard from across the pond but we slayed the spider we didn't know its level and we bragged about it for a long time that might be my favorite accomplishment of all time in game since neither of us really knew what we were doing .
Undead, can I even say enough about that I love to kill me some zombies :)

Chromie, Even if I didn't know she was a dragon I was drawn to her time paradox ideas

Araj the Summoner, How many times have you killed him. I would stop by at 70 and help people kill him I enjoyed it so much. He was such a challenge surrounded by so much mess. I always found particular joy in being able to pick off stuff around him until I cleared a path.

Capturing the last tower in the Western Plaguelands and flying back on the ghostly gryphon's, always had a fun time with the towers on our old PVP server

The outdoor raid in Darrowshire was amazing, I don't know if its still there or not I doubt it but I had so much fun even outleveling it as the massive groups of horde came down and tried to take us out. It was just me and one other guy but you could rez and come back into the fight so we just got back in the fight after the couple times we died.

So there you have it my favorite zone which as of today is no longer the same any more. I will miss it but I always have my fond memories :)

K Out!


Grimmtooth said...

Hah, I can see where the Plaguelands would be attractive to a Palli. And good call lumping them together. They really do seem to be one big zone, when you put it that way.

I never did the Darrowshire final raid. I hear it was awesome. It was still active before the shattering, but it'll be a while before I get to look again :)

kaozz said...

I was pretty shocked to see the changes to WPL, it just looked so different. I will be looking forward to leveling a character through there, it looks like fun!