Friday, December 3, 2010

I am really getting ready for Cata I swear...

Work has been crazy lately and since I am the new guy I am trying to make a good impression and trying to learn a bunch of stuff. So I have just had no blogging inspiration my only inspiration has been sleep, lol. I am getting most of my toons out of Northrend and finding good places to start off the new expansion. I am doing a few heroics here and there to make sure I at least have some points to spend when I get to 85. I have been trying to really work my Boomkin as it is my intention for him to be my main. I say intention because there was a point before Wrath where my hunter almost became my main and then the giant BM nerf of '08 hit and I didn't touch my hunter for like 8 months so anything can still happen, but I am really liking where my boomkin is right now and with my mostly unenthusiastic approach to my Pally the main switch is currently a go! I have been filling my hunters stable now that he can have almost 30 pets so that has been fun. My next pet: Monkey :)

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