Monday, September 13, 2010

Been busy and still not much new

I know my posting has really fallen off lately. I started a temp job which has been great but has left me drained and I'd rather just play or watch a movie or something then think about posting and I have always said "Post when you want to!" Which I stand by for myself too. We did down Princes last night so that was fun we brought someone with some experience so that helped quite a bit. They did have a different strategy on Putricide then we usually use that took up most of our night figuring out. I was pretty disappointed in that actually and I think it was partially that other persons fault on our first wipe because they didn't work with our strategy which has been getting pretty close to a one shot the last few weeks for us. Now I bet we'll be slogging through this different strategy slowing us down for a few weeks. I have been trying really hard to get through the first sets of bosses really quickly so we can really put in some good attempts on the fights we need work on. Well we'll see how it goes thats about all I got typeatyalater
K Out!


Grimmtooth said...

Yeah, flavor of the month strats bum me, too. I don't think we have the primes on the 1st team, anymore, with a few exceptions. That's gotta hurt.

Mister K said...

Its mostly just bad timing from the folks in our area everyones got stuff going on adn we can't all sync up to raid together. I'm sure theres some of that going on down there too.

Grimmtooth said...

Could be, could be. We'll see as things progress.

(c wut i did thar)

Anonymous said...


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