Thursday, September 23, 2010

Question: How will I feel if we don't kill the Lich King before Cata

Yes I know everybodys killed Lich King already besides me what have I been doing. Well with our inconsistent raid team, our very small raiding window and having never extended a raid, we have only gotten 9/12 and have taken a couple shots at Blood Queen. Now this isn't a knock on my team we do the best we can with what we've got, but its getting pretty close to the finish line and unless we get real serious real quick we are probably not going to get the Lich King down before its expansion time. Now as ICC is the first raid I have been in where I have been working current content I don't have a lot of complaining to do. I am blessed to have found such a great home when I was basically looking to start over fresh. I like to think I have been a good contributor, and that my guild is as glad to have me as I am to be apart of their group. There are some really good players in our guild and we have some amazing people who keep every day online entertaining. I don't think there could possibly be a better place for me. I get just the right amount of raiding and free time. We are not hard core but we put forth a great effort when we do take our shots. I guess to answer my own question I will be happy to have given it my shot and be thankful I was at least having a good time all the way there. I would never have imagined even being this close when my old guild just gave up when we had a little trouble with Gluth. I have seen a lot of Ulduar, as much of ToC as I want, lol, and killed most of the bosses in ICC. Its been an amazing run and I think with all this experience we might make some real noise in Cataclysm.
Well thanks for humoring me.
K Out!


Grimmtooth said...

Know what ya mean, it's not looking promising. Maybe in a couple of expansions more we'll get the Big Bad before endgame. :D

Tam said...

I haven't killed the LK either, and honestly in the current climate I probably won't. I thought it would bother me more than it does... but I'm actually okay with my own private journey.

Mister K said...

@Grimm I know you understand where this is coming from :)

@Tam Thanks, I'm sure when I look back I will remember it all fondly I was just kind of feeling introspective and besides I hadn't posted in a while :)

Christine said...
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Christine said...

on heroic mode, i have not killed him in both 10 and 25 man... but our guild on 25 man is pretty close, just hope everyone to stay focus and we will kill it, p3 29%. on 10 man i probably wont be able to get this done until cata comes, bec when they do 10 man they always do it during days that i worked so it sucks. but ye i know what you mean too mister k, but i just wish we could get it done before cata comes so we dont have to worry about it.

P.S argh! the link on my name is not working on my post above this, if you could delete it for me Mister K i appreciate it thanks! =D

Luxuren & Luxuran @ Twilight Hammer said...

HER: After raiding lots in ICC with my new guild (there will, someday, be a post about this...), I finally don't just blank out when people start talking about raiding and the various bosses, albeit only ICC and ToC.

And I'm in the same position as you on this. My boyfriend's killed the LK, lucky dog, but my skills and my guild, just can't manage it (and Thrones and I have even tried PUG-ing it). :P. But I'm quite satisfied giving it my best each week and getting what we get.

HIM: In Luxuran and Thrones' guild we are in the same fix, even though I (Thrones) have already downed the LK 10 man and 25 man in pugs or in my previous guild runs. The guild is struggling on Sindragosa. The nice thing about this guild is it is extremely social, both in the guild chat and vent. As well as being easy going in their raid attitude and schedule, both which I enjoy very much. On the other hand because of its lax raid attitude we are struggling to reach the LK. The reason for that is even though we have some very skilled players, we don't have enough to fill 10 spots with skilled raiders. About half or so are nicely geared but only casual players. All I can say is that raiding with this guild is extremely fun, but I wish they would take it more seriously and fail less on the obvious mechanics of particular boss encounters. So if the LK kill is important to you, pug it with a group that is already at the LK to get the best chance of downing him. Otherwise just enjoy raiding ICC with your guild. :P.

Wow Gold said...

I get you. I didn't killed the Lich king too, it was disturbing for a while yet I am ok now.