Monday, October 5, 2009

Toon Update

It has been quite a while since I did a toon update so I thought I would give an update on what I've been up to lately.

Mistrk 80: Still tanking and I have a fairly decent ret set now so I can pump out pretty good dps if need be. I don't play him too much though because we have effectively stopped raiding and I don't know when it will start again. I am content with where he is just in need of something to do besides a weekly Koralon pug.

Newguy 80: My third 80 is now my best geared and most experienced toon now having at least cleared Naxx25 multiple times. He is ready for Ulduar and is now dual-specced Holy/Disc to be able to cover almost any role needed. I just need a chance to show people what I can do.

Chowyunfat 80: Still in need of some gear upgrades. I really never get to run him in anything because I am always stuck Tanking or Healing. I do enjoy playing my Boomkin alot and he can really lay it down even being undergeared. I really just need to get him into H ToC to cover a few weak spots in his gear and then I could start pugging Uld with him.

Septictank 80: I have actually fallen off in my pvp for a while got him to 80 and was doing really well then 3.2 hit and the Heroic grind started and now I barely get him into WG once a week. He is about half PVP epics and half crappy blues hopefully sometime I get a little more motivated and get into the mood for some pvp and finish gearing him up and get back into Arena.

Psychostick 80: He was really busy for a while and I pushed him to 80 fairly quickly but as my resident free agent he was supposed to be my gateway to testing out a raiding guild and I joined a guild for a little while but it never really got off the ground and after I left that guild he has kind of sat in his mishmash of gear and kind of became my new AH grunt. I have no idea what I want to do with him now.

Iamthetick 75: My second toon to 70 and my former pvp toon is now being leveled again. He is another one of my friends guilds that he wanted to try to get into raiding but it never really took off (hmmmm.. sounds familiar). I have seen some hunters doing insane damage and I have really started to miss my hunter so if I log on to my alliance server he's usually who am I on.

Warriorbarbi 75: My other tank has gotten some play of late and got all the nice trinkets from Coren direbrew so that's a plus. I might just lever her up so I can tank with her so I might be able to use some drops in the Heroics we run.

Happymadison 72: My mage I leveled to 71 so I could learn the teleport to Dalaran and that's where she sits. She basically levelled from 71 to 72 just on the cooking, fishing (jewel of the sewers only), and JC dail quests. It is nice to have two JC and I may level her sometime because mages do do insane damage.

Surething 45: My only toon left to level on this server and I usually put a bit of work in on my shaman because its just fun. Have a bunch of the BoA gear and it makes the leveling super fast. I basically just run until I'm out of rested and then move along.

Septicktank 61: this has been one of my 2 main Horde side projects. I have been playing on my horde server alot lately since our guild really isn't doing anything. I leveled herbalism and inscription all the way to Outland levels before heading out there and then my friend got his warrior ready to go so we are now plowing through Outland and will be pushing into northrend to experience that side of the game

Ibeatarse 28: My lowbie hunter part of the reason I started playing my alliance hunter again. It made me remember how much I liked playing a hunter. I also wanted to experience all the low level questing on the horde side before cataclysm so its really been a fun experience.

I also have a ton of low level alts on my horde server that I am just kind of working them up when my hunter is out of rested or my friend is not on to level with me in outland.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice update/post! I am currently having a very hard time properly gearing my toons. I guess I just "dont get it" any advice? Cj