Saturday, October 17, 2009

Important weekend post, Ignis killed me lots

I normally don't post much on the weekends I am usually to busy having fun actually playing the game or busy doing other stuff. Well I sucked at tanking Ignis. He wiped the floor with us and I really struggled tanking him. I think I gained a false sense of confidence since we pretty much breezed through the other guys up to that point with I think 1 wipe on Razorscale and maybe 2 on Kologarn. We had a couple people who had been in before so that helped alot. I actually think I was doing pretty good up to the Ignis mess. At least I have now been in all the Wotlk dungeons minus Ony and Maly. I'm probably just being to hard on myself. Don't think I wasn't having fun either, learning some new fights in Ulduar was awesome and I was having a blast. I don't even mind wiping as long as I'm learning the fight and we are making some progress which is what happened on the other bosses. Too many people just hadn't seen it yet one wipe to learn it and then boom down. We one shotted FL and XT and some people got some loot. I even got a new sword. I will have to work to get some defense to cover it but its nice not having to use the Red Sword of Courage that I've had since the first time I ran H UP.

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Grimmtooth said...

We were not prepared :)

Seriously, that's not an easy fight until everyone gets the hang of their jobs. I doubt many people took the time to view the vid on that fight.

I really think add control is what killed us in there. That's the key to the whole shebang. It'll get better.

But yah that was an impressive run for the pack of newbs that we were :)

Well done, that was a great job in there.