Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My quest begins

So I have unguilded my Moonkin and am starting the great pug adventure. I decided on him because I have found that since raids have more dps spots then anything else it is easier to get a spot as a dps then as a tank, and also its not nearly as much pressure as trying to heal a run for people you don't know. I will probably follow suit with my priest too shortly as healers are a valuable commodity. I got in a 25 Vault run and my 3-3.5k dps was at or near the bottom of that run. I guess all the good dps run that on Tuesday lol. I also did the heroic daily and H ToC as well. I will basically be sitting in lfg from now on and maybe asking a few of the people I know that if they are short on dps in anything to let me know and I will gladly come along. I am going to go through my gear and get a list of upgrades I can get and where to get them, and I am going to do a slight change to my spec as I had him setup for mad aoe dps but his single target dps suffered a little bit so I am going to adjust that to give me better all around numbers. I also found a a good post on what a raid leader is looking for. I also wanted to thank Shy and Smashie for their advice and encouragement. Thanks alot!


Ironshield said...

Don't fret too much over the dps: Boomkin dps is 'unpredictable' at best in a raid. You are not there to top the meters - you are there because you contribute good dps and you have a zillion utilities like heals, battle rez, and of course innervate.

You'll find that most raids will be glad to take 'ranged dps' - so they will love a boomkin. Your kitty dps is no lamer though - you can easily rank in the top on the meters in kitty dps.

Two totally diff play styles, both with utility spells. Nice thing about kitty is not only their swipe in large pulls, but also they do not need their own innervate!

Kromus said...

Ironshield put it very well-- also im going to say this as mature as I can...

Seriously, as a Destruction warlock the more Critical buff you can give me the more hugs you'll get from me!

I'd welcome you in my group anytime mate, haha:D

Also about what you said, I've got a new primary blog now, check it out if you want.

Im sure you'll find a awesome guild soon as a boomkin! they look awesome too.