Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes things do work out

Well ran with my new guild again last night and it was great! We had OS/Voa on the schedule but we lost WG about 20 min after we got done in OS so no Vault though, and what a smooth OS it was, we went no drakes but are probably going to try 1+ next week. We went around the circle killing the drakes and trash mobs in no time flat (although I did lose one of the tall wandering guys in a pull because we got them early and I wasn't sure which one was mine but I grabbed him quick before he did any damage ;>.) Sarth was a cakewalk I was running around grabbing adds as quick as they spawned, Nobody got hit by flame walls that I saw!! dps would help burn adds as I rounded them up and Sarth went down like a sack of Potatoes. Quite possibly the smoothest OS I have ever seen. This group is good at what they do and have fun doing it. Every time someone gets an achievement there are gratz all around and everyone has been really cool. Wanted to also put a big WOOT!! out for Grimmtooth for getting SDI last night (Gond'ria the spirit beast). He has been on the hunt for it for quite some time and its really cool he was able to get it. So all in all a good night for the Bunniez all around.


Grimmtooth said...

Hey, thanks! That was the unexpected cherry on top, as far as I'm concerned.

Now if only my real job would go that well... :)

Mister K said...

I know how that goes, luckily the new job has been going really well for me and I am hopeful that I'll get picked up fulltime.

WTF said...

ahh...I love when you get into a new guild and the first couple of runs go as smooth as butta.

hope it