Monday, October 12, 2009

A few things that happened....

Well I have transferred my tank over to the new server. He got to keep his name so that's alright. I thought I would run a quick heroic just to see how the lfg is on this server quickly got in a H HoL run and man was that group geared. I had to really push to keep threat off the fan of knives spamming rogue. He did other stuff too, but he did awesome damage. It was a battle to keep threat the whole time but a quick easy run was had by all. The thing that shocked me the most though was standing by the stone and this blood elf was standing there and he was blue, not red. I was like WHAT?? then I realised I had just moved to a PVE server. Its really weird after having been on only PVP servers for my 2 main servers for the last 2+ years. It was really odd. I don't know if I'm used to it yet even. I have my trial run on Tuesday so that should be exciting. I will definitely be posting about how that went on Wednesday. Back on Nath, I ran the Heroic daily on my boomkin and a friend of mine got me in a vault 10 run and that went really smooth although I am still just pushing barely over 3500. Note to self Need More Gear. I need to get into a few more H ToC's but its been no dice lately, I fished for about an hour while I was in lfg and made 20 gold enchanting somebodies weapon but no dungeon run, oh well maybe next time. Actually the majority of my weekend was working a couple of my horde toons up a bit. my buddy and I have decided we want to see what the storyline is like on that side and so we pushed through Hellfire into Zanger with our Warrior DK combo pack, which really wasn't all that different but did have a few interesting quests. We also started a couple blood elves to see how their starting area goes. We are running pally, priest (keeps dieing to a minimum). I wish everybody had a faction like Tranquillien to help gear you up and kind of introduce you to the way endgame is. I think that is a very cool feature that they have and hope that all the starting areas get a similar treatment in Cataclysm. Also low level hunters are seriously OP. I had been playing a hunter over there and at level 13 the difference in killing between a hunter and a ret pally is night and day. If I had known that when I first started playing the game long ago I probably would have had a hunter main instead of my pally. This is only the second pally I have started since my very first toon and it so weird because there is just so much downtime at the low levels for a pally, judgement, auto attack, rinse and repeat. You don't do anything else until 16 when you get Hand of Reckoning to pull with which is totally awesome and really speeds up the process. Well that's probably enough for today I will now let you get back to your regularly scheduled slacking off
/end walloftext


Grimmtooth said...

I saw your toon was on the new server, didn't catch you online though.

/ginvite is open whenever you want, it's unconditional - you don't have to pass a test. Though WE might :)

Mister K said...

Thanks, I will probably be on tonight sometime.

bouncy gnome said...

Goodluck on the new server! Hope you will enjoy it there even without being PvP flagged :P



Kromus said...

Good luck!

Hope you get lots of hugs and PuGs! lmao.

Shame we're not on the same server!