Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sarth +1 is down, progress is good

Yes, I know again I'm way behind the curve, but I don't care because its new and fun to me so there. Well it took us a few wipes and some reconfiguration of duties but we got the +1 down. we ended up using a 3 tank config to get it done because I was really having a hard time getting the drake and all the adds and avoiding the flame wall. Once our dps warrior switched to tank and he took the Drake I gathered up all the adds we took it done easily with no deaths. Its funny how you can got from total wipe to easy clear with a slightly different strategy. I think I have couple ideas to get it done with only 2 tanks I'll have to talk to Swan about it though to see what she thinks. We also took a couple groups to HHM and Shima was lucky enough to get the mount so gratz Shima!! Looks like were going to Naxx on Thursday again and we are starting Ulduar early on Saturday so we can try to make good progress on some new bosses. We should be able to clear to Ignis pretty quickly and hopefully make quick work of him this time. We think we have a good strategy in place. I am looking forward to it and am really glad to have found a group that is so fun to work with.


Ruhtra said...

You know what? Don't worry bout being first or last. The one thing I can tell you from having gone from PVP to raiding, is to have fun.

I could have left my current guild and joined some top rated raiding guilds and been over and done with it all, but to me that would take away the fun that I have with MAS. Are we the best guild? Not a chance, but we definitely have a good time. I sense that from what I read here tonight.

Best of luck on Ignis. He can be a real fun time. Just remember to stay out of the fire!

Fire = Bad....mmmk?

Anonymous said...

Grats on the Sarth 1 night!

I know, just as I thought we were progressing, we wipe 3 times on flame.

Mister K said...

Thanks, its good to hear we're not alone out there :)