Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Times

Well my tank is now a proud member of Ordo Cuniculi Vorpali. I got to run some with them last night and it was a lot of fun. Just running around killing stuff hanging out and being goofy. It was a good time. We even ran H UK with pumpkins on our heads most of the run :>. I think I need to work on my threat a little bit because I lost a mob or two on that run. Its probably mostly because I really haven't run much with him lately as my old guild was barely getting 4 people on at a time and I was spending a lot more time pugging on my Boomkin and Priest or leveling my alts. Its really weird not having any alts on a server. I am so used to having 8 toons over 70 with maxed professions to cover my bases, to just have the one guy is kind of strange. I will probably just start leveling some alts there because I am a big fan of the leveling game. I also will work on leveling my 75 warrior to 80 back on my old server so I can help out my old guild if they need a tank and I am available. She won't be anywhere near as geared as Mister K anytime soon but at least she can help out if needed. I am really looking forward to the raid tonight, it should be a blast and I am glad to be getting back into the raiding game.


Grimmtooth said...

I did notice the occasional runner, but I'm sure it's just a matter of getting into the groove. Plus, our bunch does get over-eager sometimes. But overall reviews were positive.

That was actually one of the busier non-raiding nights I've seen recently. I guess everyone had to come scope out the new guy :)

As you might gather from all the alts that were present last night, rolling up an alt or three surely won't be a problem. In fact, people with less than five alts kinda stick out around us :)

Welcome to the Bunniez! It was a blast!

Kromus said...

Let us know how the raid goes :D

grats on guild :D