Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I gave up on a group last night

I am kind of ashamed of it and I kind of wish I hadn't but after 2 wipes on the snake boss in Gun'Drak I hearthed out and logged off. I was just not in the mood to deal with people and decided to level my shaman instead. I know 2 times isn't very much and I probably sound like an elitist douche bag but it was just a bad experience and I wasn't ready to deal with it at the time. I had a pally healer who had dual-specced and was in his tanking gear when he started the group and with 33k health I figured he at least had an idea about what he was doing. Well, both tries on the snake boss he ran right next to me and got blown up by the poison nova. I thought it was a fluke the first time because I didn't really position the boss away from the group, so the second time I positioned him away from everyone and the healer and one of the hunters ran right by me and got blown up by the snake boss again. This after the first wipe where they went in the back door to get there bodies, I should have known they had never been there before and maybe worked it out but I just got fed up and bailed. I feel bad about it now, but I just couldn't deal with it then. I guess I am too spoiled by my new guild that I forgot what its like out there.


Grimmtooth said...

Boy, Gun'Drak took its toll last night, from the looks of it.

(/waves to Tam)

Don't feel bad about it, life's too short for failpugs. Last I looked, nobody's paying for you to tutor them :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely something about Gundrak that brings the tards out to play.

Anyway, don't feel bad - casters standing in the poison nova is *just plain wrong*. I can forgive the occasional melee biting it but casters have no excuse.

I think the problem with that fight is that it's pulling in two directions at once - there are adds incoming, who immobalise you, so you should hug the tank, right? But there's also an aoe ouchie, so you should run away. And groups just get themselves in a tizzy.

Also I think it's nice if you are in a position to help groups but, again, you can only do that if they admit their ignorance early on.

I think you'd have felt much more positive about the whole experience if the pally had said "never healed this before" and you'd have explained it to him, and if even if you'd have wiped, you'd have known everyone was on a learning curve. Instead of basically being shite.

Anyway, chin up. Let us ally against Gundrak, Slayer of Pugs!

Mister K said...

Thanks Tam, I am ready for the rally against Gu'Drak. Here, Here. Luckily my guild is awesome so Grimm got some of them to help me take out my frustrations on the place. Sometimes its nice to know your friends are there for you. Thanks again Grimm

Grimmtooth said...

Hehe, my pleasure. I thought you might appreciate a chance to get some symbolic revenge.

And I got batches out of it too :)