Monday, October 26, 2009

Leveling in BG's is kind of strange

Sunday my friend and I had set some time aside to level our Horde toons up a bit and we were lucky enough to find a group willing to run some Outland dungeons with us so that was fun but burned up our rested xp real quick. So we decided to switch to a couple of our lower level toons and try the BG for XP thing. Well we had fun winning some Warsong but we still don't really know the gist of how it all works out. I don't know if you lose rested in BG's I think you only get xp when your team scores a flag and when you win. Does anybody have a good rundown of how the XP in BG's all works or if not maybe I'll keep doing it and let everyone else know ;).

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Skulfrak said...

I finished off a few toons in BGs when they first started handing out XP there.I think they've nerfed it a bit since then, but it was moving along pretty fast, and I had enough honor for a few pieces of PvP gear right when I hit 80. Now, all the questing in Incecrown and Stormpeaks is very easy and pays out quite a bit of gold.