Friday, October 23, 2009

Hardcore vs. Casual its not just in WoW

I was just reading some stuff online this morning and I found a very interesting article about marathons that I feel is strikingly similar to the debate that rages on in WoW from time to time. Check it out here. Its a pretty interesting read.

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Astrantia said...

Very interesting read. I find it a bit sad that cardcore players and runners can't see that casuals don't diminish their own accomplishments. I'm one of those slow runners that run a marathon in 5 hours. I'm well aware that it's not the same as running under 3 hours but I don't compare myself to these runners since their amount of training for a race is about double (if not more)to what I can cram into my life.

I think it's the same with WoW. You can be hard core but that require that you spend a lot of time devoted to the game. Not everyone want to or can do that. They play for fun just as many people run for fun. It's just a different game really.