Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My WOW year in review

Wow a lot has happened in the last year in WOW. I only wrote 39 posts in 08 but this year I've already done 116 posts. It almost seems like a different game at this point being in a new guild and raiding and thinking I've got a real shot at killing Arthas. I'm gonna break it up into sections and see where the last year took me.

January: I had only been 80 a short time and I was still running the regular instances to help gear up for heroics (right, who does that anymore, lol). I had my one 80 and was running with some of my friends who were still leveling up their toons to 80. Mostly January was me running regular Halls of Lightning and not getting the defense trinket.

February: I finally got that stupid trinket on my 16th try of Halls of Lightning that was probably the highlight of my month. I started running heroics with some guildies and worked on leveling a bunch of my alts (who now mostly sit on my old server abandoned). I was also deciding what my dual-specs were going to be for my toons.

March: This month was a really weird one for me as my account got hacked and that was an awesome experience, I also joined up with some friends to do the Arena Tournament which was actually alot of fun. Other than that I just leveled alts as my guild wasn't really doing much

April: The Corsairs finally stepped into a raid as a guild even if it was to 9man Voa and Sarth but at least it was something. We also started working on Naxx a little bit and got through Spider Wing and I thought we were on our way to start raiding, finally.

May: We mostly spent May wiping on Heigan. He was our nemesis and not being able to consistently down him was the beginning of the end of our raiding team. We did finally bring in a ringer to get us through Heigan but it was the beginning of the end. I also got layed off at the end of the month.

June, July, August: I'm lumping these together as I didn't really do much during this time but level my alts. We tried Gluth a couple of times as a guild but couldn't get him and a few people just decided they didn't want to raid anymore, or at least that's what it seemed like. I was layed off all summer so I basically just searched for jobs and played WOW when I could. A group of my guildies at the time had started leveling up horde toons on a different server and so our guild never seemed to have anybody on.

September: This was my triumphant return to blogging and working. The Brewfest event was going on so we killed ol' Coren Direbrew til I couldn't stand it anymore. I debated dual-speccing my priest Holy/Disc which I did and worked out well. This is also when I found out you can't skin low level rabbits anymore. I am still very perturbed by this.

October: My new beginning, as I joined my new guild. I was raiding, for real, I finally saw the inside of Ulduar and ToC. I learned alot and started having fun in game again and have been making a ton of new friends. We downed Sarth +1 a couple of times. We cleared through Naxx in record time a couple of times. Our most frustrating fight was Ignis because we trying to find a strategy that worked for us.

Novemeber: This was a month of learning new encounters as we failed on Malygos a couple of nights but had a victory over Onyxia on a different night so at least we keep working together and having fun while doing it. I also got my 6th 80 (mostly thanks to a summer of being layed off much easier to level alts in short amounts of time).

December: Its been a blur mostly with the holidays and seeing old friends and the new LFD giving me so many emblems they burn a hole in my pocket. We had a interesting first go against a overpowered Marrowgar and made even more progress through Ulduar. We did have on failboat night on Ony but you can't win them all. I even missed last nights run because a friend of mine from California was in town this week and it was the only night we were going to be able to hang out at all. I should be sporting my 4piece t9 for tanking tonight so maybe we'll see what we can do and kill some more raid bosses. I have also been running with a friend of mine on a different server and we have been running horde as of now we have 2 72 toons working on Northrend and being really tired of UK it seems to come up alot in LFD at level 71.

So there you have it another glorious wall of text from yours truly. I am so looking forward to the new year and having a lot more fun in game and meeting even more friends and writing more blog posts to entertain and amuse.

K Out!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mister K thanks for the greet likewise to you Happy new year! I had to do a similar post reviewing my crazy year of 2009 events. glad you had fun in 2009. I just been very busy lately but ill catch up soon and start the year all right! ttyl!