Thursday, December 3, 2009

Question: If the patch is next week what do we do?

Now I am not in charge of our guild (thankfully, Swan is way better at it than I would be) so its not my decision to make, but I am curious as to what you think our guild should do if ICC comes out next week. We are not a hardcore guild but we do have a regular raiding schedule and we do a pretty good job for where we are in my opinion. We haven't killed Yogg yet (in fact we are still working on the keepers) and we got, I think the word is roflstomped, by Faction Champs the one time we went to the big room of raiding. Now I am a big fan of Ulduar actually (except Ignis that fight is dumb in my opinion), and I would like to finish it out, but it would be cool to be raiding the actual current raid tier with everyone else, as I have never had a chance to really do that before in game. We do have some well geared quality members in our guild and raid team and I think I do pretty good job as a tank so I think we could actually put in some legitimate attempts on the new raid almost right away, especially since everything will be dropping triumph badges and everyone in your raid can be in tier9 gear in a week or two with a little heroic grinding, and the crazy new gear out of the new 5mans. For me, honestly I am good either way because I just want to kill bosses and have fun with my guild. There aare a couple ways of going about it that seem to make the most sense to me. The new gear will help us push through what we are working on now even faster, and would give us all good feelings of moving through content or we could try bashing our head against the new raid for a couple hours a week and fall back to other stuff if that doesn't work out. So faithful viewers what do you think we should do? Either way I will defer to our fearless leader I was just curious of your opinion


Askevar said...

I can't say what your guild should do but we're also a "casual" guild ... or rather a family guild who raids. From what I understand the first boss in the new instance will be a tank and spank with a twist, and entirely doable. The second boss requires dancing. Our 10 man will probably try the first boss, and presuming we down him, attempt the second a couple times. If you have a lot of people needing upgrades in Ulduar/ToC, I'd definitely keep them on the calendar, but no harm in trying new content.

Grimmtooth said...

I've been pondering that as well, internally of course. I would have liked to finish Uld before 3.3 came out, but I'd be willing to wager a small sum that we'll hit ICC before too long.

The sooner we something better than TotC to do, the better.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jamey said...

I've thought about this for a while.. :)

Our decent performance in our one ToC outing tells me that we're probably well-geared enough to go into ICC. We've got what it takes to finish ToC...we just don't know HOW yet. :) Same with Ulduar.

With raid DPS exceeding 35K, my only concern is whether or not we should to go to a 3-healer configuration for the learning process.

Sooooooo...I think we will hit ICC the first week it opens... ::grin:: If nothing else, the first boss will be our "gear check." We have nothing to lose but our gold! :) So start reading up on that first boss! :)

We'll continue to work (but with less emphasis) on Ulduar and ToC (waits for Grimm/Jasra's wince) for sake of the achievements, to see the content, and for my own OCD desire to finish things I start, but I think the core group is well-geared enough to tackle the new content.

We should probably run an occasional Naxx to help gear young 80s as well.