Friday, December 18, 2009

I brought my dps gear out of the bag for the first time in weeks last night.

When you are a tank its nice to have a dual-spec but if your like me you really don't use it very often. because rarely if ever do you get asked to go anywhere as dps and running dailies is usually faster in tank spec because you can just grab more bad guys and take down large groups of mobs to speed up the process. Well last night we went into Ulduar to work on some of the bosses we hadn't done yet and we took out Hodir and Thorim which was pretty cool. Our raid leader had brought in another tank to help show us the ropes and since Hodir is a 1 tank fight I got to go ret and even rocking the 4 piece t7.0 set and an assortment of 200-219 level epics I had gotten randomly I pushed out 3500 on our Hodir kill which surprised me since I don't usually do well on movement fights and that fight is all over the place. I actually upgraded 4 pieces of gear last night for my dps set and got them gemmed and enchanted so I am kind of curious what I might be able to do now. I might just cue up some random dungeons as dps to give it a try and be one of the random faceless pew-pewers in the crowd.

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Askevar said...

As a tank, I sometimes queue up as dps just to work on my dps spec n such. It's a bit longer wait [a few minutes rather than few seconds] but it's fun sometimes :D