Monday, December 28, 2009

I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas

Mine turned out pretty good except for having to shovel part of my parents driveway so everybody could get in to park. Iowa has been having a really fun winter this year, not. I also went to see Avatar over the weekend with my cousin and have to say it is pretty good. I would definitely recommend it if you're curious. I did get in some WOW time as well and am slowly but surely building up a collection of Frost Emblems with which to start upgrading my gear. Hopefully we'll have some luck in ICC10 this week and maybe get some of those bosses down. We haven't had a chance to get back over there since our first trip so I am looking forward to dishing out some payback. We went after some of the Heroic achievements this weekend and I am down to 14 left for my Red Drake. A bunch of those are Occulus though mostly because I hate the place. It has been fun and I have been having a lot of fun in WOW lately and it is nice to see so many people on. Gotta say the LFD tool sure has been good to the game in that respect. I have to say the Anomuls achievement in Nexus kind of sucks so I am glad we got that one done.

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