Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting in that comfort zone

When I'm tanking I have different mindsets depending on what I'm tanking. I am also a bit of a perfectionist so if I screw up a pull or somebody dies on my watch I can get a bit frustrated. Tanking in a raid is different from tanking a heroic. When I am raid tanking I am prepared for wipes and dieing and frustration and repair bills, I expect these things and try to keep an even keel and come back from every wipe focused and ready to kill the boss. On the other hand I sometimes get a little lackadaisical in heroics because I've "been there, done that" and I don't really need anything from them. Now that's not to say I don't enjoy blowing through one once and a while, and I am always willing to run if some of our guildies need to go. Now last night we ran a couple heroics and I was finally in my zone where I felt comfortable and just rolled through ready to blow stuff up. It may have helped that we did CoS first as I really like that one because the timer is there to keep me on the ball and focused. I made a point to learn how to destroy that place with my old guild and was able to get everyone in our guild a Bronze Drake. It was something I really wanted to help them accomplish and was glad to do it. It doesn't hurt that the place is full of undead and as a pally I am well equipped to handle the undead. We destroyed the Nexus after that too. I had a lot of fun even though we didn't get to raid and I can always get some more Boa gear for my new army of alts because its a little to expensive to transfer all my toons to the new server and I really do like leveling. I got my new hunter to 12 last night before we started the heroics up. Leveling is so much more fun than dailies


Grimmtooth said...

It was fun getting Telestra down with AOEs. I guess there's an achiement for that or something, and we somehow didn't manage it, but that was the first time I've seen it work, so rah :)

Badges, of course, are what we're grinding, which is why I took grimm for DPS - whether he runs or not, it'll be nice getting him as well geared as possible.

Shame about the OT getting locked out. Though it will be fun giving him a hard time about it for a while :)

Smashie said...

I can relate with you on feeling responsible for wipes or deaths as a tank. When I'm taking on a DK, I get really frustrated with myself when someone dies. But then I just drink a beer and it helps :D

Anonymous said...

these same things goes for a healer, if we cant spam shit heals to the tank =death, what happen? well healer probably slacking off. and in the end healers gets the blame or the tank >.< we are responsible of what we do. wondering, if what we did is wrong or right or just our mind is not in the game.

Im like you I am also a bit of a perfectionist, so if i screw up oh well! that means /facepalm gets frustrated.

But sometimes we just cant prevent it, we had bad days. but well be okay! =D

I still believed that learning from our mistakes will make it better.