Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So yes we killed Ony last night and 6 bosses Ulduar tonight!

Happy post is happy. It took us a little while but we did down the dragon last night and tonight we did some good work through Ulduar and are going to punch through some more tomorrow. Woot!!


Grimmtooth said...

Yeah, regarless of any /guildpoloticsennui it was all good. We got a new shadow priest to replace the notsotank tank. It's all good.


Grimmtooth said...

Um, repetitive comment is repetitive? Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Grats! thats always nice to hear good progression, us tonight 40 attempts left on heroic 25man toc, but then again few attempts on anub damn! 12%/3m health the bug is still not squished grrr! remaining attempts tmr. hopefully we get the first server kill. >.<

Mister K said...

@ Grimm: have a good ginsleep

@ Christine: I hope you get it too. We got hung up on the Faction Champs on normal and haven't back yet. I'm sure you'll have a great kill story very soon

Grimmtooth said...

Um, notsogoodcomments is notsogood.

We done good. Above all, that's progress for ya.

We came within a hair's breath of ... bad things ... but tonights run rejivinated the GM's view on life in the WoW universe, so we have at least one more week of life left in us.

Next week, if ICC drops, well, we'll see. I'd prefer to finish Uld, but that is an unpopular view amongs the bloggeratti.

PS: "ariaked" as the security word cracks me up :)

Anonymous said...

Weeeeee! Grats!