Thursday, November 12, 2009

You may have noticed..

I didn't post a glorious post of our awesome defeat of Malygos. Well theres a good reason for that. We spent almost 2 hours cruising through phase 1+2 and then wiping in horrible fashion on phase 3. I am all for trying to learn a new challenge and I was hopeful a couple times but I am starting to not be a very big fan of that fight. I am hopeful though that sometime soon we will go back and get lucky and kill the big blue dragon. I guess tonight we will have to go into Ulduar and blow up some bosses in there. That should be fun.

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Skraps said...

I suggest everyone in the raid do a /follow on one person that es very good at doint the drake riding part.

That way oneperson "drives" the raid and the rest just focus on killing the boss.