Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Monday again??

I'm tired, but that's not that unusual. We ran a couple of raids this weekend. We did an aborted Ulduar on Saturday which with a bunch of Halloween stuff going on involved just 3 bosses, but I just have to say I suck driving the siege engine. I have been driving demolisher's the last few weeks which is no big deal and I think I have a pretty good handle on that. Well trying to be bait for the boss is a whole new ball game and I don't know what to do I get targeted and I try to run away but I get blown up in super fast time. I can't get away from him I am just getting destroyed super fast. I died all three times in very short order. Luckily the rest of raid knew what they were doing without me so on the third try they got it down no thanks to me. I may have to watch some vids on that because I r failboat at that part. XT and Razorscale seemed to go pretty smoothly on my end but somebody else may have had another opinion. Sundays ToC was a exercise in slow learning. I had watched the vids through Faction champs because I was pretty sure that's as far as we would get because that's the kind of fight I usually would say is a struggle to learn. Well I was right we made it that far and thats where we got stuck. Unfortunately it took us a ton of tries on Northrend Beasts and a couple wipes on Jarraxus to get that far. I was a little disappointed actually because since I had switched over we had really done a good job on most fights and making good progress on stuff we were trying to learn. Well Northrend beasts really took the heart out of us I think. We had to make some roster changes early and went to a 3 healer setup and we made incremental progress. It was a very slow learning progress but we finally got them down. I'm glad we got in though because at least now a bunch of people have seen it and we should have a much easier time the next time we go.


Grimmtooth said...

I think what we're missing on the siege engine thing, having thought about it, is that you're used to getting in the boss' face to get its attention, whereas for kiting you want to think like a hunter (hi).

Having not driven before I have no idea what controls you have, but if you have something to fire at him, use it, and if not, get your passenger to do it for you. That'll get his attention and start the pull a bit more smoothly.

The other thing that seemed to happen was that when the alarm went off that he was swapping, we seemed to be too close. Again, I don't know the driver controls so I don't know if you're stuck in an action or not, but if not it's just a matter of watching for that warning in DBM a little more closely and getting used to it. I mean, we all died in teh fire many times on Sarth before we learned how to watch for that warning.

Well, like I said over there, this is pretty typical for us to stooge it up before people remember to bring the game faces again. Once that happens, the raid healer will need less help and the MT healer's mana will last longer.

The Beast progression was actually not that bad if you have realistic expectations on it. To be honest we usually try to beat one new boss per raid on progression raids, but the early success on Ulduar probably set expectations too high.

Mister K said...

I may have sounded not as happy as I should have. I am actually really excited about our progress and am really glad we do as good as we do. I think we have a great team and everybody has been really cool with me since I've joined up. I guess I was just too spoiled by our early progress :)

Grimmtooth said...

Evaluation is part of the process. It's why I jot these things down. Those things in my head are often embarrassingly obvious after I post them.

And trust me, they love ya in downtown bunnehville. :)